German law says that

Anybody in the world can migrate to Germany if he/she wants to study in Germany and want to acquire foreign educational degree. A residence permit as per Section 16(b) AufenthG (German Residence Act) additionally applies to preliminary measures taken before going to an advanced education foundation, for example, language courses, going to preliminary universities or comparable offices, or doctoral studies as a component of a full time program at a German advanced education organization. Without having earlier examination visa you can't enter Germany for study reason. There are some other requirements for study visa set up by German government which are as follows:

  • You've been acknowledged to an authoritatively recognized higher education establishment in Germany
  • You have to provide proof of a secondary school diploma enabling you to study at a higher education institution, or proof of a recognized degree or diploma from a higher education institution.
  • You need to open an Block Account to take care of your expenses of living for the term of your studies with at least EUR 10,332 every year; sum legitimate for the length till you study there.
  • You might be required to provide proof of the language skills (IELTS) required for your study programme depending on the admission requirements for your bachelors, masters and PhD study programme.

Education should be offered to everyone and everyone should be able to afford adequate education.

  • It is also set up by German government that everyone have a right to get proper education and for this lots of efforts have been done by German government like. German is the native language of Germany but for all the non EU students courses are provided in pure English language so that there should be no burden of having expertise to take admission in a German University or college.
  • German government took this decision that all international students attending a Public university in Germany would be free from paying normal tuition fees. International students will just need to pay not many authoritative costs like Student contribution, understudy association charge and a public vehicle ticket which record to around €250 per semester altogether.
  • Biggest exertion done by German government for individual who wants to study in Germany is that age bar has been waved off for study visa in Germany. Indeed, understudies there are no age breaking point to applying to contemplate programs in Germany. Truth be told, Germany is known to have gained notoriety for having the landmass' most seasoned alumni.

Key Factors for German Study Visa

  • Germany is among the couple of nations worldwide that don't charge educational expenses to both homegrown and global understudies.Students are only required to paysemester contributions which rarely exceed 250 to 1500 euros.
  • The German Universities offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Many universities are offering up to 100% scholarships to the students.
  • Not only public universities but private universities are also providing scholarships for the students who wants to migrate to Germany for future study.
  • Germany is among the couple of nations worldwide that don't charge educational expenses to both homegrown and global understudies.Students are only required to paysemester contributions which rarely exceed 250 to 1500 euros.
  • The German Universities offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. Many universities are offering up to 100% scholarships to the students.
  • Not only public universities but private universities are also providing scholarships for the students who wants to migrate to Germany for future study.

  • Many of country's 400 advanced education foundations are put in the main 20 in Europe and the best 100 internationally. Five of the greatest positioning colleges in Germany are the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) Munich, Heidelberg University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Humboldt University Berlin.

  • If you have a German study visa with you, you will cherish the same rights as a German citizen and EU\EFTA citizen regarding free entry, the opportunity to study and work without any additional permits.
  • After getting the residency permit you are allowed to travel visa-free in the whole Schengen Area, which makes for a wonderful opportunity to visit the countries you are interested in within the time-frame.

  • Germany is providing more than 14,500 Bachelors and Master degreeprogrammes. In which German universities are giving best scholarships programmes to all international students so that they can easily afford to study in German colleges and universities.

  • If you are coming to Germany for study then no need to worry you degree weather it will be a Bachelor, Master or PhD all students get a unified and internationally recognized degree like: BA/BSc equals 6 semesters of study, MA/MSc equals to 2-4 semesters, depending on the program, PhD equals 4-6 semesters, depending on the program.
  • Toward the finish of your course, you will be confirmed with a degree which is worldwide perceived and esteemed.
  • After the completion of your studies in Germany while joining any job you will be given the most noteworthy regard since they're mindful of what nature of instruction you've been offered during your studies which prepares them to hire you and trust you huge duties.

  • While study in a German university or college students are allowed to do internship to boost up your employability as the nothing won’t equal then an experience in a real job environment.
  • When you complete your Internship/training your boss in Germany will choose to enlist you as a full-time worker.
  • You can get different type of stipend also like Scholarship Programs, Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships, Erasmus Scholarship Programs, Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship etcetera.
  • Private universities and colleges are providing placement opportunities with the German’s bst companies.
  • After completing their study all the students are allowed to stay and work in Germany with the minimum wages of 10-15 euros per hour for 190 full working days or 240 half working days on 18 months’ work visa..

  • Students from non-EU nations who wish to work in Germany subsequent to graduating can expand their residence permit for as long as year and a half (18 years) to look for some kind of employment identifying with their studies.
  • The 18 months period start when you accept your final results, so you should begin searching for work during your last semester. During this 18 months period, you can work as much you like and take up any sort of work to help yourself.
  • As soon as you've gotten a new line of work job you'd prefer to acknowledge, you ought to apply for a German residence permit or EU Blue Card (like the US Green Card). You can stay in Germany while your application is forthcoming.

  • The degree you will acquire from a German university is a highly respected and valued qualification all over the world. After getting that degree you will enjoy a high employability in the global job market.
  • Once you will complete your degree big companies will hire you with a bunch of attractive offers. They trust your expert credits acquired through an excellent education in Germany and exceptionally trust you can assist with working on their business. Being this much pursued occupation up-and-comers, graduates at German colleges are the absolute most generously highest salaried workers.
  • Your German degree will help you get a high paid and perfect job in any country where you want to migrate and find a good job.

  • The average monthly costs for a single person do not surpass 820 to 860 EUR. Along these lines, in case you were contemplating whether it is costly to live in Germany, it isn't.
  • You can easily choose to live in simple cities which has very low cost of living like Stuttgart, Cologne, and Hamburg.

  • First of all you will get 18 months’ work permit after you receive your final course degree.
  • As soon as you have a job offer which corresponds to your qualifications, you can pick whether you need to apply for a residence permit to take up work or an EU Blue Card for the following piece of how to stay in Germany after your studies. It is also known as Temporary Residence Permit. This will allow you to stay in Germany for minimum 2 years. You can extend this visa for further time also till you have your suitable job with you to show.
  • While continuing your job in Germany you can apply for Permanent Residence Visa which will allow you to stay permanently in Germany.

  • Yes you can migrate your spouse and children to Germany if the duration of your stay is expected to be longer than one year, than family reunification is possible. Be that as it may, with the end goal for them to go along with you in Germany, you must have the option to help them without troubling social assistance in any way.
  • You will require a German Reunion Visa beforehand they travel, taken from a German embassy or consulate of the country they live.
  • You have to fulfill some of the requirements to call your spouse and children to Germany like: Sufficient Living Money, Adequate Living Place, Marriage Requirement, Civil Partnership Requirement, Age Requirement,Language Requirement, Dependence etc.

  • Germany is a democratic country and allows people from all over the world to migrate to Germany for tourist, study and for residence purpose in it. A students have a great opportunity to meet all different students from whole world and to learn their cultures with German culture also.
  • Germany has a long, rich and complex history and its remarks are scattered all across the country. Today, you certainly know less about Germany than you can imagine. The country has been a major player through important stages of humankind’s history.
  • Their natives have given an unmatched contribution to historical, cultural and scientific movements that changed forever the entire course of global history. Studying in Germany is a great opportunity for you to visit most of these cultural and historical gems, hear unbelievable stories related to them and collect unforgettable memories.

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Why Study in Germany?

Important Facts

  • Low Cost of Tuition Fee (Up to 100% Scholarship)
  • World Famous Universities (Top 500 Ranking)
  • High Ratio of Job Placement (During and After Study)
  • Schengen European country
  • Official Language is German / Dutch & second language is English, However, people also speak French, Punjabi and Chinese.
  • German Currency is Euro (1 Euro = 80 INR).
  • Salary Ratio in Germany, For Student 9 to 12 euros / hour and for skilled workers euro 30 K to 40K.
  • Living Cost: 720 Euros / Month.
  • Population: 82.67 million (2016).
  • Employment rate is 97% (Just 3% Unemployment Rate).
  • Crime Rate is negligible, which is less than 1%.
  • Germany is one of the largest Industrial hubs in various fields such as Manufacturing, Machine Tools, Automotive Manufacturing, Engineering, Iron, Steel, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Optics etc.
  • For Living Standard: Germany is one of the Top 5 Countries.

Germany is sharing boarders with Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.

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