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Germanstudyvisa.com is the product of SWICS (P) Ltd, an official partner of Germany Universities & Colleges. Here we are working for the students who want to pursue their careers in Germany as we are in partnership with top-ranking universities of Germany. By knowing Germany's complete rules & regulations, we prepare students for a 100% Scholarship to lower their financial burden.

The company runs under the supervision of Er. Jatinder Pal Singh, International Education Advisor. He is an Immigration Law Qualified from Canada. Also having ICEF Certification (Canada), QEAC Certification (Australia) & British Council Education Agent Certification (UK), his experience and huge knowledge of understanding complex rules of Germany makes him the right and pefect person to manage such a well-established and reputed business SWICS (P) Ltd. His strong dedication and vast experience had helped many people to make their dreams or desires a reality.

We have our two offices, one in India and other in Germany. Both of our offices are continuously working for the sake of the students. Our German Office is working to provide admission to our Indian Students in top ranking Public and Private universities with scholarship up to 100%. With the combined efforts of SWICS (P) Ltd INDIA and GERMAN Office, we have achieved a record of successful clients.

At present, almost every student aspires to get an overseas education. Moreover, their parents are also very enthusiastic about sending their children abroad for further studies and for better future prospects. But now, the question arises from whom students should take guidance and advice regarding admission in universities and courses? Of course, an Overseas Education Consultant only!

GermanStudyvisa.com plays a vital role in providing assistance and helps to students in the easy or hassle free Application or paper work processing. Students should approach our experienced counsellor to gain more knowledge about their desired course or university or country or join our regular webinars organized by Our Managing Director Er. JP Singh.

Germany Study Visa Consultants

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Company Name SWICS (P) Limited
Full Name Straight Ways Immigration Consultancy Services Private Limited.
Year of Establishment 12 Nov, 2002
Company Registration No U74995PB2004PTC27696 (Govt of India , Under Private Limited Companies Act )
Immigration & Overseas Education License No 01/MC-2/Dated 28.05.2014 ( Under Punjab Prevention Humman Smuggling Act )
Head Office SCF : 66 , 2nd& 3rd Floor , Phase -5 , Mohali.
Total Number of Staff Working
  • Counsellors – 06
  • Visa /Case Processing: - 05
  • IT and Field Staff: 06
  • Teaching Staff (IELTS and German Language) : - 05
  • Accounts and Administration: 04
  • Office Helpers: - 04
Our Managing Director
Er. Jatinder Pal Singh
  • Bachelor of Engineering (E & CE) – INDIA
  • Immigration Law Qualified , Vancouver , Canada
International Education Advisor
  • ICEF : Certified Education Agent Graduate, Canada
  • QEAC : Qualified Education Agent Counselor, Australia
  • British Council Certified Education Agent , UK
Experience Since 2002 in the Field of Overseas Education and Immigration
Area of Expertise
As Immigration Consultant
  • Skilled Worker
  • Family or Spouse Category
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Self Employed
Australia,Canada, Germany & UK
As International Education Advisor
  • Legal Agent of More than 180+ Universities and Colleges (International)
  • Having In-depthKnowledge of Deep Roots and Polices of International Education
Refused Visa Appeals (UK – Canada – Germany) Highly Expertise for Processing of Refused Visa Appeals of below Written.
  • Family (Mother / Father) Category
  • Dependent Spouse Category
  • Student or Work Visa Refusals
  • Visitor or Tourist Visa Refusals.

Process Admission to Number of Public and Private Universities

1. Evaluation of profile: Firstly after checking the complete profiles of students, the experienced team of Germanstudyvisa.org provides them with the best program possibilities and other career suitable for them.

2. Selecting the university: Team of our Experienced Counsellors help the students finding the best universities having worldwide recognition and offering them excellent education. The Counsellor will help a student take a final decision about the university.

3. Process of Admission:

  • We mostly try to send students admission applications to highly reputed universities, where maximum scholarship available.
  • The team will process student admission to various universities, helping students for Interview Preparation (conducted by University and Embassy), preparing the financial documents and in applying for a visa.
  • Documents: Our team will convey the requirement of the shortlisted documents well.
  • Statement of Purpose Preparation: Expert Counsellor of GermanStudyvisa.org will help students prepare an excellent and honest appealing Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter, we know about the actual career goal behind student decision about studying abroad and understand the scope of study area. We additionally know the future benefits of study and how to uilize it.

Process up to 100% Scholarship Fee

  • We have a tie-up with most of the universities and the biggest advantage of joining a public university is that they are not charging any tuition fees from the students who are migrating to Germany for study purposes. Only students have to fill semester contribution fees which will rarely exceed 250 to 400 euros.
  • Most of the public universities are giving up to 100% scholarships to non-EU students according to their previous education degree percentages.

Interview Preparation - universities and Embassy

  • Germanstudyvisa.com have a professional and highly qualified team who help students for preparing them for their embassy interview.
  • They have their main focus on the student’s grammatical level, fluency level, and regarding their knowledge level also so that they can clear their embassy interview in first chance.
  • We also prepare our students for the qualifying exam which are conducted by some of the universities to see the education level of the student.

Process Visa Application

  • Visa Processing: The germanstudyvisa.com will provide complete information regarding the process of visa and help you in preparing for the Embassy interview as well. The experts are always be updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists.
  • We always analyze that is the candidate eligible for the bachelor or master's course which he/she wants to join by closely going through his educational credentials.
  • After verifying the educational documents our teams check other requirements like financial level of the student, IELTS score passport validity etc.
  • We also see whether they are becoming eligible for the course they are demanding for. If they are eligible then we move further otherwise we find the other perfect suitable courses according to their previous degree.
  • We also help the students to open their blocked accounts in Germany.
  • Education Loans: The team of GermanStudyvisa.org will convey all the information regarding education loan and will help in getting loans and financial aid.

When Student Visa get rejected, it gives lot of disappointment when all the hard work, time, and energy fail to obtain visa. What was the reason given for visa rejection? Reasons can vary from person to person, but some common issues are listed below for Visa refusal.

Reasons Why Visa Refused

  • Incompetent Consultant : Visa refusals are the common phenomenon, because of the incompetency of most of the consultants who are not familiar with visa rules & regulations, correct documentation and provide wrong information.
  • Incomplete documents: There may be great chances for the missing of important documents, required for the specific visa category.
  • Lack of communication skills: Unease of formal communication is a major issue faced by most of the students, and this actually becomes an obstacle of visa rejection
  • Insufficient financial proof: Each student needs to provide sufficient evidence of financial means to manage his/her living during the studies.
  • Poor performance at interview: You may be unable to convince the interviewer about preferring Germany for your further education and most particularly about the choice of the college or university.
  • Poor Motivational Letter: Most of the times Students are unable to express their Motivational letter of Germany Student Visa.
  • Fake Documents could also prove to be detrimental for the visa refusal.

We have a highly expert professionals team who totally understand all the Visa Rules & Regulations and are perfect in Documentation. Our experienced Team of Law Qualified Counselors assess the student application thoroughly and take following steps.

  • Remonstration: We filing remonstration for re-asses of student visa application. The re-assessment will be done by different visa officer. There are 95% chances to convert Refused Visa into a successful one. While filling remonstration, we have the right to explain the important points, which the visa officer may have overlooked or not taken into consideration as well as additional documents can also be provided at this moment to support your appeal.
  • Re - Applying Visa Application with Stronger Presentation, there are 95% chances to secure a visa.
  • Appeal to Administrative Court Berlin: This is the final step to fight for Justice, which is given by Govt of Germany to every applicant that has helped many students to fulfill their dream of studying in Germany even after refusal at the initial stage.
  • Note : Germanstudyvisa.com has 2 Experienced Advocates of Punjab & Haryana High Court on their panel.
  • We also have Working Association with the Top Advocates of Europe.
  • The biggest help is that we re-apply for the refused cases totally free of cost.
  • Germanstudyvisa.com is working from very long period and knows all the ways by which a person can move to his/her dream country Germany. For all student’s we choose best universities or colleges in which they find best degree course for themselves.
  • We also help them if they want to take their spouse or child with them.
  • We also help them in applying their work permit.
  • The team of Germanstudyvisa.com will provide the assistance needed like accommodation, lifestyle and managing finance, etc.
  • Worth 1.50 Lac - Free Kit of German Language A1 – A2 and B1
    In out team we have an expert teaching faculty for German language as we know the importance of this language for each student and even make them aware about the facilities they will get after learning German language.
  • Almost 300 Video (Class) | More than 25 Books
    In our teaching class we have 300+ German language teaching videos and 25+ different books from basic level to C2 level coaching. We provide both offline and online classes.
  • Certificate of German Language by Our EURAISA
    As we are proper government approved and authorized license holder institute of German language with the name of Eurasia Language School. We provide a proper valid certificate of German level coaching to all the students.

Submit your details & Avail Free German Language Kit ( A1 , A2 & B1 Course material)

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Careers Support

Germanstudyvisa.com help students for part time and fulltime Job Search.
We always stands for the support of all of our clients and students even when they fully got migrated to their dream country. We have always helped all of our needy clients to search full time and a part time jobs at the time of studying and even after completion of the study visa.

Many of Universities and Colleges are also helping student to Job Search.

  • We always give the best service to all of our clients by helping in finding them the best university and college for their future study.
  • We have always provided those universities and colleges to all the students which provide best placements of job opportunities with the top companies and firms during the study period.

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(A Product of SWICS (P) Limited)
(Registered by Govt of India, Company No : U74995PB2004PTC27696)
Approved by Govt of Punjab, License No :
01 /MC-2/Dated 28.5.2014

INDIA Office
SCF 66, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Phase -5,
S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali, Punjab,
India -160059

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